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Michele Abrams was elected Chair of the SWOL Leadership Team for 2015.

SWOL Leadership Team Subcommittees and chairs/members are:


Leadership Outreach:      

Government Outreach:    


Corporate Outreach/ Sponsorships:        

Event Planning:


Previous Chairperson:

Bob Viney, Kathleen Norman

Kathleen Blake, Kenni Blache, Arla Tannehill, Bill Thornton, Joe Hinson, Godwin Apaliyah

Keith Corman, Scott Lipps, Gene Krebs, Donovan O'Neil, Rian Beck  


Cheryl El-Alfi, Darlene Hicks, Melissa Hershner            

Michele Abrams, Bill Thornton, Arla Tannehill

Beth Gully

Kathleen Blake