Who We Are

Our Mission

  • To undertake collaborative efforts to attract and strategically plan quality business development across the 15 counties in Southwest Ohio, including the metro areas of Cincinnati and Dayton and the “connecting” counties in between and along the I-71 and I-75 corridors; 
  • To identify the attributes and resources that give Southwest Ohio a competitive advantage in specific areas of supporting successful development and appealing resident lifestyles. 
  • To encourage and support collaboration among existing public, private and community groups working to attract and plan economic development in the individual cities and counties in Southwest Ohio, to increase the appeal of the region to outside investment groups and companies and to local companies planning expansion investments. 
  • As a result of these collaborative efforts, to increase economic growth across the region, to increase the growth in the number and quality of jobs in the region, and to improve the quality of life for all residents across the region.