Subcommittee Updates

October 2018 Planning Committee Meeting

Please join us for the next Planning Committee Meeting on Monday, October 9 from 10:00am to 12:00pm.  We're meeting at the Butler Tech D. Russel Lee Career-Technology Center on 3603 Hamilton Middletown Rd, Hamilton, OH 45011.  

We have 2 main items on our agenda:

1.  We will review action steps from the April, 2017 Summit on Workforce Development and look to continue actions to share our Conference output and conclusions with relevant organizations who can benefit from these insights.

There was an update on CBS Sunday Morning on the issue of the serious lack of skilled workers in the plumbing, construction, carpentry, electrical and other areas related to the home-building and infrastructure repair efforts needed in Florida, Houston and Puerto Rico.  See the short segment here:    Skilled Workforce Labor Shortage is Real

2.  We will review planning actions for the April, 2018 Summit on Energy and Transportation Infrastructure Development. We will discuss specific panel topics and potential speakers, and the plans for obtaining the group's collective ideas on potential action steps to share with the pubic and regional leaders.

2018 Summit Planning Upate

We have begun working on the Agenda details for the 2018 Summit.  Gene Krebs arranged a meeting for Shelly Abrams and Bob Viney with Jim Samuel, Founder and President of Capitol Integrity Group, a strategic policy development and communications consultancy in Columbus.  Mr. Samuel formerly served as Executive Assistant to the Ohio Governor for Business & Industry, serving as the primary adviser and liaison between Ohio’s business community and the Office of the Governor.  He is also a Fellow of Cleveland State University’s Levin College of Urban Affairs Energy Policy Center and a Fellow of the Ohio Manufacturing Institute at The Ohio State University. He served as a co-author of Driving Ohio’s Prosperity, a strategy document for Ohio’s automotive and advanced manufacturing sector, and was an adviser on An Analysis of The Econmic Potentital for Shale Formations in Ohio.

Mr. Samuel has agreed to work with Think Regional in working on Agenda topics and speakers/panelist options for our 2018 Summit focus on Energy and Transportation Infrastructure.  With his broad experience in these issues, we are appreciative of his willingness to contribute to our 2018 program.

In addition, Shelly Abrams has connected with Jeremy Rifkin, the author of the "Third Industrial Revolution" book, who has conducted interesting analysis of the relationship between the efficiency of the primary energy system and the level of Global Economic Activity as measured by GDP.  His work tracked these relationships from historic data for the First Industrial Revolution powered by Coal and Steam Engines, through the Second Industrial Revolution, powered by Oil and Internal Combustion Engines.  Based on this analysis, he's made an interesting projection of where Global Economic Activity in terms of GDP could be expected to rise with the coming Third Industrial Revolution, powered by the eventual dominance of Clean and Renewable Energy systems.  We are working with his organization to see if he might agree to contribute his analysis and perhaps come to speak at the 2018 Summit.


2017 Planning Committee Update

We held a Planning Committee meeting on June 27 at the National Issues Forum Institute office on the Kettering Foundation Campus in Dayton.  Bill Muse, the President Emeritus of the National Issues Forum Institute, was our host for the meeting.  Think Regional Planning Committee members attending included Chair Shelly Abrams, Bob Viney, Gene Krebs, Arla Tannehill, Bill Thornton, Marlene Esseck and Carol Farquhar Nugent.  Our discussions related to the follow ups from the previous Summits on the Opiate Crisis in 2016 and Skilled and Educated Workforce in 2017, and the planning for the 2018 Summit on Transportation and Energy Infrastructures.

The National Issues Forum Institute is developing an Issue Guide for national Deliberative Discussions on the Opiate Addiction Crisis affecting several states, and a future Issue Guide on Skilled Workforce Development, including some of the aspects of the needs and the ideas to address that came out of our Deliberative Discussions at our 2018 Summit.

Following our meeting, Bill Muse set up a meeting with two officials at the University of Cincinnati involved in a collaborative program to enhance the access of students in our region to the skills and education needed for middle class income jobs in the Information Technology industry.  Shelly Abrams, Bob Viney and Bill Muse met with Dr. Lawrence Johnson, Dean of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services at UC, and Dr. Hazem Said, Head of the School of Information Technology, provided information on their collaborative program with local high schools and technology colleges to provide greater access to programs for developing skills and obtaining technical education certificates and degrees to students in our region.  We shared our Summit outcomes and plan on continuing the relationship going forward to expand this kind of collaborative program into other skilled technology workforce areas.

Shelly Abrams and Bob Viney were invited to attend the National Issues Forum Institute Global Deliberative Democracy Expo in Dayton on July 10 and 11.   We were exposed to a new online Deliberative Discussion platform that NIFI has developed, that may be useful in future Summits for increasing the engagement of Summit attendees and the community in the ongoing discussion of Think Regional Issues at and after Summits.  Bob Viney subsequently attended the On Line program Mentoring Certification program so we can explore how best to employ this platform for Think Regional.


Leadership Committee Updates

March 5, 2015

List of Committed Sponsorship Support received to date:

  • AT&T -- Event Sponsor (Repeat from 2014)
  • Duke Energy -- Gold Sponsor (New for 2015)
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