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Think Regional Issue Action Group Working Sessions

Posted on: October 27, 2015
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Think Regional Issue Action Group Working Session – September 22, 2015 22 members of the Issue Action Group Working Teams met at the Atrium Medical Center Professional Building in Middletown, OH.  Purpose The purpose of the meeting was to read more …

Issue Action Group Planning Session

Posted on: September 14, 2015
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Issue Action Group Updates – Aileron Meeting June 26, 2015

Overview --- We had 22 members of the Think Regional Issue Action Group teams come together at the fantastic Aileron conference facility in Tipp City outside of Dayton to work together on refining the definition of our Ideal End States for each issue, and the Initial Action Steps we could begin taking in the next 12 months to begin moving these issues from the current state to the Ideal End State that we believe better supports commercial investments to increase economic development, job growth and quality of life improvements across the region.

The outcomes from each Issue Action Group work session are summarized below:

1. Skilled and Educated Workforce

     (a) Use Think Regional to provide a web-based resource for all educational program opportunities for obtaining skills for the jobs that are available but not fulfilled in the region;  

     (b)Include Soft Skill programs (finance, writing, dressing, work ethics and behavior, etc.). Provide certificate of        completion for educational programs to help in finding jobs.

2. Infrastructure

     (a) Transportation: Expose options for funding options for transportation that are not gas tax – such as high speed electronic toll programs such as used in many other cities;

     (b) Energy: Work with Ohio Fuel Cell Corridor and Millennium Reign Energy to apply for an IMCP grant to designate Ohio as a Renewable/Fuel Cell Energy Innovation and Manufacturing Region.

3. Government Reform

     (a) Develop “Nudge” factors for local Government – emotional vs. economic motivators to drive local government efficiency over maintaining local power;

     (b) Shared permitting and review process across governments for development permits application and approval      process, environmental impact reviews, etc.;

     (c) Develop model forms for shared/standardized permitting;

     (d) Record and report the time required for permitting approval processes by area;

     (e) Establish a local Government “Czar” in the Governor’s office to attend Think Regional Issue Action Group              quarterly sessions and annual conference.

4. Integration of Racial/Ethnic Minorities

     (a) Every ethnic chamber should have a representative on our TR Issue Action Group;

     (b) These groups should help identify key actions for local business and government leaders. Design educational   programs that are measurable for progress on these issues.

5. Quality of Life

     Need actions to advance specific elements, such as education for children, home safety (neighborhoods?), access      to fresh food, access to health care (and use of health care), public transportation for job access.

6. Entrepreneurial Support

     (a) Provide a “one stop shop” clearing house for information on resources for starting and growing a business;  

     (b) File a form with state taxes to request support;

     (c) Earn certification for completing elements of entrepreneurial training/education, to make it easier to obtain loan or investment support, etc.

Next Steps

1. These steps will be shared with Business and Community leaders within the region and the public via the Think Regional website ( to invite comment and input.

2. Issue Action Group members will continue to work on encouraging these actions via their professional roles and personal connections with Business and Community leaders.

3. The Issue Action Group team members will next come together on September 22, 2015, 9:00am-1:00pm at ATRIUM MEDICAL CENTER Professional Office Building, Room 5A. The address is One Medical Center Drive, Middletown, OH  45005. New members who are interested in participating in the Issue Action Group work session or merely hearing the discussions are welcome to attend. To help manage space for all attendees, please RSVP to Michele Abrams at to reserve a spot by September 15, 2015.



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