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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus at 2018 Summit

Posted on: April 20, 2018

SARTA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus at 2018 Summit!

SARTA's Executive Director and CEO, Kirt Conrad, will be our Keynote Speaker and will be bringing one of SARTA's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses to the Summit.  Come check it out!

See the hydrogen storage tanks that provide the range for full day of route operation.  See the hydrogen fuel cell power plant.  Experience the enhanced rider comforts of the electric powered motor versus a traditional bus.  And most shocking of all, see the pure water which is the only exhaust ... water that is clean enough to drink out of the tailpipe!

Kirt Conrad will be sharing SARTA's experience with the hydrogen fuel cell bus compared to diesel and CNG powered options, and will talk about the impact of not having to maintain transmissions, engine valves, or engine oil levels.

Come see what might be a viable option for the 2040 public transportation infrastructure in Southwest Ohio!

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