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2016 Summit -- Panel Updates

Posted on: May 3, 2016
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First Panel – Examples of Successful Collaborations in Economic Development      

Topic:     Examples of Greater Results Achieved through Successful Collaborations.

Moderator: Bob Viney, Think Regional Leadership Committee


Mitch Heaton, Dayton Development Coalition

Ian Smith, REDI Cincinnati                  

Pat Valente, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition                                  

Dr. Jerry Hutton, Millennium Reign Energy

Deb Norris, Sinclair Community College

The focus of the panel is to share how successful collaborations between organizations and across regional jurisdictional boundaries are enabling the region to succeed in attracting substantial investments and grants that are/will increase economic development and create new higher-paying manufacturing related jobs across the region. The REDI Cincinnati and Dayton Development Coalition representatives will speak about collaborative projects they are supporting that are bringing increased economic development and job growth to our region.

The collaborative support of the region’s educational and technical colleges and universities to help provide the skilled and educated workforce required for increased manufacturing and technology jobs will be highlighted. Sinclair Community College meets with major manufacturing and technology companies to tailor workforce development programs to provide the employee skills these companies need to grow.

The OFCC and MRE representatives speak about the extent of the organizations involved in all aspects of Clean And Renewable Energy and Transportation systems in Ohio, the existing state of economically viable technology development in all key areas – wind, solar, battery, fuel cells, hydrolyzers to produce hydrogen from water, and fuel cell vehicle refueling stations – the operating installations in the field (OSU fuel cell bus and refueling station, for example), and the learning about the financial viability and scalability of the integrated energy systems for both personal and broadscale electricity use and fuel cell personal and mass transit. The benefits that increased investment in these industries might bring to the region in terms of increased economic development and higher-paying job growth, supported by both traditional universities and our terrific technical colleges and schools, will also be mentioned.


Second Panel – Examples of Successful Collaborations in Quality of Life Issues

Topic: Examples of Greater Results Achieved Through Successful Collaborations in Enhancing Quality of Life Issues, specifically Heroin Use Intervention and Treatment

Moderator: Scott McGohan, McGohan and Brabender


Anita Scott Jones, Premier Health/Atrium Medical Center

Jason Buckner, Health Collaborative

Doug Adkins, Middletown City Manager, Heroin Task Force

Vito Peraino, Heroin Treatment Program, CrossRoads Church

Judge Robert Peeler, Warren County Court of Common Pleas

Cory Murphy, Recovered Heroin Addict, UC Leadership Award Winner

The focus of the panel is to discuss the success of collaborations between Health Care providers and systems, beginning with the benefits that these collaborations are bringing to the region in terms of increased Health Care access, quality and career opportunities.  

Other panelists representing community treatment programs, and the criminal justice system, will discuss collaborations to address the Heroin problem in our area. The elements of the approach that these diverse groups are taking will be highlighted and the collaborative activities that will help to minimize the causes of addictions, and the positive impact of getting addicted people the treatments they need to overcome the addiction instead of being processed in the criminal justice system, will be discussed.

We also heard the personal story of a recovered heroin addict … how he became addicted following an injury while in high school, the impact the addiction had on his life, the initial hopelessness he felt about his future having been expelled from high school because of drug use, the importance but the difficulty of having success in treatment instead of incarceration, and the status of his life today after being sober for more than 11 years.


Third PanelExamples of Successful Collaborations in Issue Action Groups

Topic: Examples of the Initial Collaborations Being Implemented in the Six Key Issue Action Groups

Moderator: Michele Abrams, Chair, Think Regional Leadership Committee


Economic Development: Vince King, Wright Patterson AFB Community Partnerships

Skilled and Educated Workforce: Cassie Barlow, Wright State Research Institute

Cross Government Collaboration to Support Development: Scott Lipps, State Representative Candidate, Former Mayor of Franklin

Quality of Life (other than Health): Michael McNamara, Butler County Port Authority

Inclusion of Minorities: Yvonne Wathen, Former Executive Director, Dayton Hispanic Chamber            

Small Business and Entrepreneur Support: Michael Stater, Warren County SBDC

The focus of the panel is to highlight via a brief overview, some of the initial collaborative activities that have taken place, are in process or are planned in the coming months, to begin making some progress in each of the Issue Action Group areas. Each panelist took about 10 minutes to discuss the activities in their area. Each discussion served to set the stage for the discussions that will continue in the afternoon Issue Action Group breakout sessions.


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