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Skilled and educated workforce

2017 Skilled Workforce Development

Improving Skilled Workforce Development Outcomes--2017

The 2017 Summit focused on the subject of Skilled Workforce Development, looking at the issues involved in closing the gap that exists between unfilled skilled technical jobs existing in Ohio today, and the number of unemployed and underemployed workers, many of whom have been displaced from traditional manufacturing jobs.

In the afternoon session, 120 participants in 12 small deliberative discussion groups discussed options for closing this gap and overcoming the barriers.  The groups were led by experienced moderators following the format of the National Issues Forum Institute for conducting effective small group community discussions.

The options considered and the outcomes from all groups are summarized in the document which can be accessed by clicking on the link here.

JD Vance Keynote Address 

The 2017 Summit Keynote Address by JD Vance provided additional insights into several cultural issues involved in providing effective retraining programs for workers displaced from traditional manufacturing roles, to help them find a path back to a middle class lifestyle ... and in providing effective direction for some high school students who may not have the foundation to be able to see a way forward for themselves into a middle class profession or skill.  The full keynote address is on YouTube and can be reviewed at the following link:

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Skilled and Educated Workforce

Posted on: August 1, 2014
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Ideal End State Elements 1. Employers have defined and shared their needs for skilled and knowledgeable employees … short term and long term. 2. Industry groups have defined their needs in terms of employee qualification KSH -- Knowledge, Skills, read more …