2021 Summit Information

The 2020 Think Regional Summit was postponed until April 23, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ohio.  At that event, we expect that Leaders and citizens from 15 Counties in Southwest Ohio will gather at a site to be announced in early January, 2021, to discuss issues and new actions we could take in expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in multiple areas of our community.

Specific areas where we will hear from leaders include: Business, Education and Health Care; Manufacturing, Non-Profits and Technology.  A Preliminary Agenda is provided below.  Registration and Ticket information will be announced in early January, 2021.  Please mark your 2021 calendars TODAY for the April 23, 2021 date!

Annual Conference Objectives:

  • To identify and support collaborative efforts to attract and retain quality business investments, and to strategically plan Economic Development and Quality of Life improvements across the 15 counties of Southwest Ohio, including the metro areas of Cincinnati and Dayton and the “connecting” counties in between and along the I-71 and I-75 corridors;
  • To illustrate that collaborative efforts to achieve Economic Development, Job Growth and Qualify of Life improvements by working together across the region to strategically plan the supporting infrastructure for growth, can achieve greater levels of investment and thus more efficiently create jobs for the entire region, than counties  or cities can do independently, while also leading to better quality of life in our communities;
  • To work in "Issue Action Group" breakout sessions to identify the key issues where improvement can facilitate Economic and Job Growth and Quality of Life progress; to define and refine an "Ideal End State" for each of these issues; and to identify the key "Initial Action Steps" that can begin to move us toward the Ideal End State;
  • To identify the attributes and resources that give Southwest Ohio a competitive advantage in specific areas of supporting successful development and appealing resident lifestyles.
  • To facilitate community leadership program participants and alumni in networking with each other and the business and community leaders within the 15 counties of Southwest Ohio, to help foster a collaborative relationship among the regional leaders in public, private and non-profit organizations.