2021 Summit Information

The 2021 Think Regional Summit will be a VIRTUAL event on April 23, 2021, due to concerns with the COVID-19 pandemic in Ohio.  At our event, we expect that Leaders and citizens from 15 Counties in Southwest Ohio will join us on line to discuss existing programs in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and their value to multiple areas of our community.

The Event Agenda is provided below.  The Event Fee is $20.  Registration and Fee payment can be made at

Please Register TODAY and join us on line on April 23, 2021, from 8:30am to 12:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you!


2018 Think Regional Summit Agenda

7:30 am           Doors Open; Registration Commences

                         Coffee, Juices and Light Snacks Available

7:55 am           Announcement re: Attendees Moving to Seats

 8:00 am           Welcome & Opening Remarks         

                        Joe Hinson, Emcee; CEO, West Chester/Liberty Chamber Alliance

                        Sponsor Recognition, Cincinnati Dayton I-75 Growth Corridor Video

                        AT&T Spokesman Introduction

                        AT&T Event Sponsor, Mark Romito: Welcome

                        Michele Abrams, Chairman, Think Regional

                          Overview of Day, Introduction of Special Guests

                        Michele Abrams and Arla Tannehill, Think Regional Planning Committee

                          Attendee 5-Second Self-Introductions

8:45 am           Overview of Infrastructure Role in Long Term Economic Growth

Highlights of Third Industrial Revolution Research by Jeremy Rifkin and Skip Leitner

 -- Bob Viney, Think Regional Planning Committee;

 -- Dan Cunningham, CEO, Long-Stanton Group

9:00 am              Break (10 minutes)

9:10 am           Congressman Warren Davidson Insights on Regional Infrastructure and Funding Issues:                          Recorded Interview

                        -- Introduction by Michele Abrams, Think Regional Chairman

9:30 am           First Panel –

                        Energy Infrastructure: Short Term Actions and Long Term Plans

Focus: Collaborative Actions In Progress, Planned, and Funding Support Required to Upgrade our Current Energy            Infrastructure and the Plans for the Future Energy Infrastructure Needed to Support the Target Economic Growth Rate.

Moderator:  Doug Bolton, Former Market Leader, Greater Cincinnati & Dayton, Cushman & Wakefield, and Former Publisher, Cincinnati Business Courier and Dayton Business Journal                   

Panelists:  Daniel Conway, Commissioner, Ohio PUCO; Gene Krebs, Immediate past chair of the Governing Board of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel; Amy Spiller, VP Government & Community Affairs, Duke Energy; Robert Sears, Vice President, Energy Solutions & Planning, Vectren Energy; Pat Valente, Executive Director, Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition. 

10:20 am         Question and Answer Session

10:30 am         Second Panel –

                       Transportation Infrastructure: Short Term Actions and Long Term Plans

 Focus: Collaborative Actions in Progress, Planned and Funding Support Required to Repair and Upgrade our Current Transportation Infrastructure and the Plans for the Future Infrastructure Needed to Support the Target Economic Growth Rate

 Moderator:  Amy Waldbillig, Vice President, Workforce Development, Cincinnati State; Former General Manager, Butler County Regional Transit Authority 

 Panelists:  Michael McNamara, Development Administrator Butler County Port Authority; ; Chris McWhinney, CEO, Millennium Reign Energy; Peter Metz, Transportation Policy & Coalition Manager, Cincinnati Regional Chamber; Mark Romito, Director External & Community Affairs, AT&T; Stefan Spinosa, Capital Programs Administrator ODOT

11:30 am         Question and Answer Session

11:40 am         Luncheon Break                      

                        Tour of SARTA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Transit Bus – Parking Area (until 1:30pm)

We will have an operating bus to show the hydrogen tanks, fuel cell compartment, quiet operation and  cleanliness of the water exhaust.

12:30 pm        Keynote Speaker Address: Kirt Conrad, President & CEO, Stark Area Regional Transportation Agency  

                        Merging New Energy and Traditional Countywide Public Transportation   

                        - Introduced by Bob Viney                                 

SARTA routes go all over Stark County to grocery stores, shopping centers, medical facilities, restaurants, schools, the airport, libraries, museums, places of employment and much more.  Riders can travel on any of the 34 Fixed Routes in Alliance, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Hartville, Jackson Township, Louisville, Massillon, North Canton and Uniontown. 

SARTA purchased 10 hydrogen fuel cell hybrid buses to enhance the comfort, lower the operating costs and of course, lessen the environmental impact of their vehicles.  Mr. Conrad will share the experiences and insights learned to date and plans for the future.

1:00 pm           Discussion, Question and Answer Session

1:10 pm           National Issues Forum Session on Energy and Transportation Infrastructures

                        Session Introduction – Bob Viney

Energy and Transportation Infrastructure Issue: A “Deliberative Decision Making”  Session to review the challenges with Upgrading the current status and planning for the future Infrastructures we need to support and sustain target economic growth and quality of life in Southwest Ohio.

Each group of 8-10 led by a trained moderator will discuss the issue and the 3 suggested approaches to addressing Energy and Transportation Infrastructure needs and plans in our region and proposing the Best Option.

2:40 pm           Summary of Small Group Discussion Outcomes

3:00 pm           Closing Comments – Audience, Joe Hinson, Michele Abrams

                        Networking Reception and Happy Hour