2021 Summit Information

The 2020 Think Regional Summit was postponed until April 23, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ohio.  At that event, we expect that Leaders and citizens from 15 Counties in Southwest Ohio will gather at a site to be announced in early January, 2021, to discuss issues and new actions we could take in expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in multiple areas of our community.

Specific areas where we will hear from leaders include: Business, Education and Health Care; Manufacturing, Non-Profits and Technology.  A Preliminary Agenda is provided below.  Registration and Ticket information will be announced in early January, 2021.  Please mark your 2021 calendars TODAY for the April 23, 2021 date!

We are excited to announce the details of the Agenda for the 2017 Think Regional Summit:

7:30 am           Doors Open; Registration Commences; Continental Breakfast

                        Participants indicate a preference for Issue Action Group Interest for Seating

7:55 am           Announcement re Attendees Moving to Seats

8:00 am           Welcome & Opening Remarks          

                      Joe Hinson, Emcee: Sponsor Recognition

                      AT&T Event Sponsor, Mark Romito: Welcome

                      Michele Abrams, Chair: Overview of Day

                      Scott Lipps, Ohio State Representative: Introduction of Special Guests

                      Michele Abrams: Attendee 5-Second Self-Introductions  (15-20 minutes)

8:40 am          Chamber of Commerce Collaborations in Southwest Ohio

                      Moderator:  Joe Hinson, President & CEO; West Chester/Liberty Chamber Alliance                                                          Video Presentation (6 minutes)

                       Brendon Cull, COO; Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce

                       Phillip L. Parker, President & CEO; Dayton Chamber of Commerce

                       Sherry Taylor, President & CEO; Mason-Deerfield Chamber of Commerce

                       Carol Hughes, Executive Director; Springboro Chamber of Commerce and Executive Office Consultant

 9:40 am           Break (10 minutes)

9:50 am           Southwest Ohio Regional Education Collaborations                               

                       Moderator:  Rick Shively, Vice Chair, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance 

                       Cassie Barlow, Executive Director; Wright State University Research Institute & Dayton Regional                                   STEM Collaborative Oversight Manager

                       Amy Waldbillig, Director, Workforce Development; Cincinnati State Community College

                       Jon Graft, Superintendent; Butler County Technical School

                       Carmen Gaines, Career Enrichment Coordinator; Woodward Career Technical H.S.

                       Dan Schroer, Superintendent; Springboro City Schools

                       Maggie Hess, Retired Superintendent; Warren County Career Center

11:00 am         Bridges Out of Poverty & Bridges to Sustainable Communities

                        Introduction: Gene Krebs

                        Speaker: Phil DeVol, Co-Author

11:30               Luncheon Break

12:00               Keynote Speaker Introduction: Paul Pena

                       Address:  J. D. Vance, best-selling author, Hillbilly Elegy

12:40               Discussion

1:00 pm           National Issues Forum Session on Skilled Workforce Development

                        Introduction: Bob Viney

                        Session Leader: Bill Muse, Retired President & President Emeritus; National Issues Forum                                          Institute, Part of Kettering Foundation; Former President, Akron and Auburn Universities

                        Relevant Workforce Development Issues: Discussion & Proposed Solutions

                        Each group of 10 is tasked with discussing 3 Suggested Approaches to achieving Workforce                                        Development Needs in Our Region and Proposing the Best Option

2:30 pm           Issue Group Reports to Assembly

3:00 pm           Closing Reception with Book Signing by Authors

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