2021 Summit Information

The 2020 Think Regional Summit was postponed until April 23, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Ohio.  At that event, we expect that Leaders and citizens from 15 Counties in Southwest Ohio will gather at a site to be announced in early January, 2021, to discuss issues and new actions we could take in expanding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in multiple areas of our community.

Specific areas where we will hear from leaders include: Business, Education and Health Care; Manufacturing, Non-Profits and Technology.  A Preliminary Agenda is provided below.  Registration and Ticket information will be announced in early January, 2021.  Please mark your 2021 calendars TODAY for the April 23, 2021 date!

8:00 am Welcome Comments

 Dr. Bennyce Hamilton, Miami University Regional Director of Diversity & Multicultural                                   Services, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

The morning session will include panels of key leaders and experts in each of 6 key areas where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs are underway or being planned. These areas are Business, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Non-Profits and Technology.  The afternoon session will include an exposure to the Better Angels tools for Civil Discourse to reach mutual understanding among people with diverse beliefs.  A short video of the Better Angels approach is at

 Kick-Off Speaker       

 Wendy Waters-Connell, Executive Director, Hamilton YWCA                                                                                   

 The Mission of the YWCA is Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women. The YWCA today employs a bottoms-up, grassroots   structure that reaffirms the mission of working aggressively for women and people of color. 

 Morning Panels  

  Panel Moderator: Emiko Moore, Former Host, The City Show, Lebanon TV Channel 6                                          Emiko Moore coordinates community conversations around MLK Celebration with members of the Lebanon Presbyterian    Church.

 ·  First Panel: DEI Programs in Business, Education, and Health Care                                                                               -- Business Panelist: Nikki Robinson, VP Business Banking, US Bank

     -- Education Panelists: Michael Carter, Sinclair Community College; Noha Eyada, Mason CommUNITY;                                         Dr. George Sehi, Women Walking West Board of Directors                                                                                       -- Healthcare Panelists:  Adrian Taylor, Director of Diversity, Premier Health; Dr. O’dell Owens, CEO, Interact                         for Health & Interact for Change 

 ·  Second Panel: DEI Programs in Manufacturing, Non-Profits and Technology                                                                   -- Manufacturing Panelist: Madeline Iseli, Senior VP, Regional Development, Sinclair College                                             -- Non-Profit Panelists:  Doug Bolton, CEO, Cincinnati Cares; Alfonso Cornejo, President, Cincinnati Hispanic Chamber             of Commerce; David Dreith, Chief Operating Officer, Easter Seals                                                                             -- Technology Panelist: Mark Romito, Director of External Relations, AT&T; Clifford Bailey, President & CEO, TechSoft             Systems

Afternoon Session

 ·  Braver Angels Overview: Civil Discourse Among Diverse Groups                                                                                      -- David Lapp, Co-Founder; Kouhyar Mostashfi, Board of Directors