We are excited to announce the details of the Agenda for the 2017 Think Regional Summit:

7:30 am           Doors Open; Registration Commences; Continental Breakfast

                        Participants indicate a preference for Issue Action Group Interest for Seating

7:55 am           Announcement re Attendees Moving to Seats

8:00 am           Welcome & Opening Remarks          

                      Joe Hinson, Emcee: Sponsor Recognition

                      AT&T Event Sponsor, Mark Romito: Welcome

                      Michele Abrams, Chair: Overview of Day

                      Scott Lipps, Ohio State Representative: Introduction of Special Guests

                      Michele Abrams: Attendee 5-Second Self-Introductions  (15-20 minutes)

8:40 am          Chamber of Commerce Collaborations in Southwest Ohio

                      Moderator:  Joe Hinson, President & CEO; West Chester/Liberty Chamber Alliance                                                          Video Presentation (6 minutes)

                       Brendon Cull, COO; Cincinnati USA Chamber of Commerce

                       Phillip L. Parker, President & CEO; Dayton Chamber of Commerce

                       Sherry Taylor, President & CEO; Mason-Deerfield Chamber of Commerce

                       Carol Hughes, Executive Director; Springboro Chamber of Commerce and Executive Office Consultant

 9:40 am           Break (10 minutes)

9:50 am           Southwest Ohio Regional Education Collaborations                               

                       Moderator:  Rick Shively, Vice Chair, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance 

                       Cassie Barlow, Executive Director; Wright State University Research Institute & Dayton Regional                                   STEM Collaborative Oversight Manager

                       Amy Waldbillig, Director, Workforce Development; Cincinnati State Community College

                       Jon Graft, Superintendent; Butler County Technical School

                       Carmen Gaines, Career Enrichment Coordinator; Woodward Career Technical H.S.

                       Dan Schroer, Superintendent; Springboro City Schools

                       Maggie Hess, Retired Superintendent; Warren County Career Center

11:00 am         Bridges Out of Poverty & Bridges to Sustainable Communities

                        Introduction: Gene Krebs

                        Speaker: Phil DeVol, Co-Author

11:30               Luncheon Break

12:00               Keynote Speaker Introduction: Paul Pena

                       Address:  J. D. Vance, best-selling author, Hillbilly Elegy

12:40               Discussion

1:00 pm           National Issues Forum Session on Skilled Workforce Development

                        Introduction: Bob Viney

                        Session Leader: Bill Muse, Retired President & President Emeritus; National Issues Forum                                          Institute, Part of Kettering Foundation; Former President, Akron and Auburn Universities

                        Relevant Workforce Development Issues: Discussion & Proposed Solutions

                        Each group of 10 is tasked with discussing 3 Suggested Approaches to achieving Workforce                                        Development Needs in Our Region and Proposing the Best Option

2:30 pm           Issue Group Reports to Assembly

3:00 pm           Closing Reception with Book Signing by Authors

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