2018 Summit Registration

The date for the 2018 Summit is Friday, April 27 at the Centre Park of West Chester.  Registration for the 2018 Summit is online via EventBrite. The registration will be open on February 6 for the Early Bird rate, through March 24.  

The link to the EventBrite page is at Click on the Green TICKETS button to register and purchase tickets.

Preliminary Agenda – 2018 Think Regional Summit

In 2018, the Summit will focus on collaborative improvements in Transportation and Energy Infrastructure ... those that are being implemented, those that are being planned, and those that are needed.  We're going to hear about not only the repairs and short term improvements needed in these critical elements that are the foundations of economic growth and quality of life improvements.  We're going to hear about what planning is underway or needed for the future infrastructures to support the economy, jobs and quality of life we'll need 20-30 years out.

While the current and short term needs in these areas are important, we also must plan for the future in these areas far in advance of the need.  Here are a couple of data and historic facts to think about:

1.  If we are able to achieve the target 3%-4% economic growth we need for improved job growth and economic progress, we need to understand that this means that economic activity would double in 20 years.  What kind of transportation and energy infrastructure needs will be required to support not just the current level of economic activity, but TWICE the level of economic activity?  To support that level of economic activity, will we just build more highway lanes and interchanges, or will we develop new methods and systems to move TWICE the level of goods and services the future economy will need?

2.  Can we take an example from the past as to how important thinking and planning for the future can be?  In the 1950's, the government invested in building a new transportation infrastructure, the interstate highway system.  This has become the backbone of our economic growth and quality of life for the past 65  years.  Before that new method was developed, we moved goods, services and people on 2-lane roads.  What would our lives be like today if they had not made those investments at that time?  Or equally as important, suppose they had not set the tax rate to provide the funds for those investments without passing the debt on to our generation?  That generation took on both the responsibility to do the planning for the future in a new infrastructure which didn't exist at the time, AND to pay for it without passing the debt on to future generations.

Can we fail to do less for the future of our country and region, and future generations?  

We hope you will SAVE THE DATE now and plan to join us in this important discussion on Friday, April 27, 2018!  Check out the Preliminary Agenda by clicking on the link on the Events page, or by clicking on the link below:   

Be sure to Register for the Summit and reserve your place beginning on February 6.



The registration page for the 2017 Think Regional Summit is now open!

You will not want to miss this event!  Continuing our focus on supporting collaborative actions to support economic growth and an increase in higher-paying, career-oriented jobs, we will focus this year on activities and insights around building a stronger skilled and educated workforce across our region.  This is a key activity to attracting the investments that lead to greater economic growth and higher-paying career job opportunities in Southwest Ohio.

Our key speakers will be J.D. Vance, best-selling author of "Hillbilly Elegy", and Phil DeVol, co-author of "Bridges Out of Poverty", both Ohio natives.  We are also pleased to have Dr. Bill Muse, President Emeritus of the National Issues Forum, a part of the Kettering Foundation, who will help lead our discussion of the 6 key Issue Action Groups using the format of the "Deliberative Decision Making" process that the National Issues Forum uses to facilitate decision making on community issues.

There will be a reception and book signing with the authors following our event at 3pm.

Reserve your spot today at our EventBrite registration page at We look forward to seeing you at the Summit!

On Line Registration for the 2016 Summit Has Ended!

Check out the results of our 2016 Conference in the Events area of the website and the key Issues and Actions we are working to pursue on this website, using the Issue Action Updates link at the top of the page.

Be part of helping us make more progress in 2016 on key issues.  The work highlighted at each annual summit continues all year, in quarterly Issue Action Group working sessions.  Contact us about joining us on June 10, 2016 and contributing to the first IAG working session at the Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center at their Dayton Campus.  We'll advance action steps on the 6 Key Issues driving the growth of the economy, higher-paying jobs and the quality of life across our region in the morning, starting at 9am.  Then we'll have a hands-on simulation and flight demonstration of UAS vehicles ... Unmanned Aeronautical Systems or Drones ... before completing our meeting at 12pm.

Contact Shelly Abrams at to confirm your attendance and reserve a spot.