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Energy and Transportation Infrastructure is a key to Economic Growth.  What are the plans for 2040 Growth?




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JD Vance, Best-Selling Author from Middletown, Discusses the Challenges Facing Many Displaced Workers

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Kirt Conrad Luncheon Keynote Speaker

SARTA has the largest fleet of hydrogen fuel cell buses in the US outside of California. 

SARTA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus

See SARTA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus!

Come see what a hydrogen fuel cell bus looks like and how it operates.  

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Warren Davidson Video Interview

Watch a 20 minute Video Interview of Congressman Davidson's insights on the Infrastructure Issues in our region. 


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Hear About Our Energy and Transportation Infrastructure Issues -- Today and 2040!

We Are Working to Help Increase Economic Growth, Create More High-Paying Jobs and Improve the Quality of Life Across Southwest Ohio!  Our attendees identified Energy and Transportation Infrastructure as a critical element needed to support economic growth and quality of life in Southwest Ohio.  But there are major issues not clearly resolved today"

Today's Infrastructure -- Our current infrastructure needs substantial repair and security enhancements to reach the quality of support we need to sustain economic growth and quality of life. 

The Brent Spence bridge is our most obvious example of the need.  But the necessary funding has not yet been identified to provide this and other improvements.

Future Infrastructure -- We have put the tax and regulatory plans in place to achieve an annual growth rate of 3%-3.5% in the economy.  If we are to achieve this growth, we need to be prepared to support a DOUBLING of today's economic activity level by 2040.   Without an adequate infrastructure to support this level of economic activity, we could strangle the potential economic growth we might otherwise achieve.  Again, that raises several unanswered questions:

•  What sources of Energy should we plan for to meet this increased need by 2040?  Should we build more coal, natural gas or nuclear plants, or should we begin to look to new and more efficient sources of energy, such as solar, wind, hydrogen fuel cell generators and others?

•   What modes of Transportation should we plan for to meet this increased need by 2040?  Should we build more highway lanes and public transportation buses, or should we explore new modes of transportation, such as high speed rail?  What transportation needs might the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex environment make necessary by 2040?

•   How will we fund the investments needed to provide the World Class Infrastructure needed to support DOUBLE the level of economic activity we have today?  What new funding mechanisms and sources might be needed?  When will begin work to develop these options, make choices and begin the significant construction effort required?

We can't build a World Class Economy and Quality of Life on a second class infrastructure.  So we've assembled panels of experts and leaders to discuss the current status, the issues and the plans, to see what we can do together to move this need forward. 

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